Landlord Tenant Law

If you are a landlord you have several important legal responsibilities. Under Michigan law, landlords have to disclose specific information to tenants. Landlords must also understand legal requirements around rent, security deposits, entry of the property, and tenant eviction proceedings.

Michael R. Kluck & Associates frequently represents landlords with multi-unit properties and would be happy to assist you with your legal responsibilities as a landlord.  


The lease is the written or oral agreement between the party agreeing to transfer possession and the party taking possession of a rental property. Under the Michigan Truth in Renting Act landlords are prohibited from including certain provisions in the lease. As a landlord, you may even face penalties if you violate the Act. We help landlords ensure their leases comply with federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations. 


As a landlord you will likely need to, at some point, remove a tenant from your rental property. Our attorneys routinely execute this process on behalf of multiple Michigan landlords. Let us help you through the eviction process to ensure your property is protected along the way. 


The security deposit is the money paid by the tenant to you, the landlord other than the first rent payment. Under Michigan law, both tenants and landlords have duties and must perform specific acts regarding the security deposit including notice provisions, written communications, mailings, and time limits. Our attorneys understand security deposit issues and can help landlords understand and meet their responsibilities. 


Under Michigan law landlords have a duty to keep rental property and all common areas fit for use, in reasonable repair, and in compliance with health and safety laws. To understand your responsibilities as a landlord, or navigate legal issues related to repair and maintenance of your rental property, contact one of our attorneys.