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Employment Law

The relationship between employers and employees is complicated. Within this relationship, employers must comply with both federal and state laws intended to protect employees from discriminatory treatment, unfair labor practices, unsafe work conditions and more.

From recruitment and hiring to issues with employee performance management, discipline, and termination, Michael R. Kluck & Associates attorneys have 115 years of combined experience helping public and private sector employers understand their responsibilities, exercise their rights, and mitigate their risk. 


Who and how you hire matters. Bad hires can mean significant costs to an employer. They can also create complex legal challenges. Ensuring hiring processes and documents comply with the law is critical to protect any employer. Be proactive about your next hire and have us review position descriptions, job applications, and interview questions so you can be confident your hiring process complies with state and federal law.


We take a proactive approach to defend employers against employment discrimination claims.  Employee training, well drafted and enforced internal policies and procedures, and clear and consistent documentation in personnel files can make a big difference when faced with a claim of employment discrimination. But when it comes to being sued, we know what it takes to win. Our attorneys defend employers in litigation throughout Michigan with a track record of success against firms large and small. 


Family and medical leave policies address when and how an employee can take time off from work to deal with their own serious health condition or that of a family member. Federally, the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides unpaid leave for qualifying employees. If you face FMLA issues our experienced attorneys can help you navigate your responsibilities as an employer and ensure you meet your obligations under the law. 


A whistleblower is a person who reports or is about to report a violation or a suspected violation of law to a public body. Federal and state laws protect employees who raise complaints about possible violations of law. As an employer, these claims can damage your reputation or cause significant monetary injury. We help employers manage risks and defend against whistleblower claims. 


Employers must understand and comply with laws on or related to employee privacy throughout the employment relationship. Legal issues can arise when employers check references in hiring, conduct electronic or camera monitoring, conduct drug and alcohol testing, or personal searches. Our attorneys draft, advise, and help employers develop and operate drug and alcohol testing programs for employees with Commercial Drivers's Licenses (CDLs) to ensure compliance with applicable federal regulations. 


Termination of the employment relationship with an employee is never easy and often raises legal issues regarding an employer's rights and obligations. Michael R. Kluck & Associates assists employers with issues concerning employee termination, layoff, severance agreements, claims of wrongful termination and other matters arising out of termination of the employment relationship. 

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