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Labor Law

Employers must follow specific rules when dealing with union members. The principal statute of Michigan labor law is the Public Employment Relations Act (PERA), which grants collective bargaining rights to public employees and defines unfair labor practices of employers and labor organizations representing public employees. 


We help employers navigate and comply with complex laws and requirements that mediate the relationship between employees, employers, unions, and the government. Entering into collective bargaining, mediation, or arbitration proceedings? You can count on one of our attorneys to be there throughout the process. 


If you have a unionized workforce, you use collective bargaining to negotiate the terms and conditions of employment for your employees. Our attorneys have extensive experience in common bargaining topics like wages and hours, health, retirement, and other benefits, leave, longevity, raises and promotions, insurance, layoffs, and other terms and conditions of employment.


Employers often include an employment arbitration clause in employment contracts. Labor arbitration involves the settling of employment-related disputes through an independent party instead of in court. Although arbitration may sound complicated, it doesn't need to be. Let Michael R. Kluck & Associates represent you in your next arbitration. 


Unattended grievances can result in frustration, dissatisfaction, and low productivity. Don't face the grievance process alone. Let Michael R. Kluck & Associates advise you on effective and efficient grievance management.  We understand quick action, sound fact gathering, and thoughtful decision making go a long way to resolve workplace grievances. 


The employment discipline process is often misunderstood and misapplied. Let our attorneys help you create a transparent, fair, and clear discipline process. From training to investigation, we have experience in the proper and effective use of employment discipline. If you want to change and align workforce behavior, we can help. 

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